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Founded in 2017, TOSUN Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on domestic autonomous controllable automotive bus tool chain, and has been committed to providing independent and innovative solutions for engineering problems in automotive R&D and manufacturing, industrial production and other fields!


Cost reduction

Whether in R&D, production, or academic research, our automotive bus tooling solutions can effectively reduce learning time costs, equipment investment, and have an easy-to-use architecture.


Innovative Solutions

The TSMaster development platform assists you with analysis, simulation, testing, calibration, diagnostics, and brushing services. Many free and convenient features are available.


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Our team is dynamic and open to discussion. We can assist users in solving engineering problems, building customized services, and streamlining complex and time-consuming project processes.

Technology Case

HIL Real-Time Simulation

Using TSMaster to build vehicle controller HIL real-time simulation from scratch, with the TOSUN hardware interface module can achieve the highest performance. Based on the real-time nature of HIL simulation, we can then perform real-time simulation by manipulating the bus data sending method.

CCP / XCP Calibration

CCP/XCP Calibration with TSMaster. It is an indispensable process in the development of the vehicle and ECU, and plays a vital role in optimizing the performance of the vehicle and ECU.

UDS Diagnostic Services

The diagnostic feature allow user to build  their own request and response according to their needs. The diagnostic transport layer type supports CAN/CANFD/LIN, and in the future will support automotive Ethernet and FlexRay, as well as multiple diagnostic modules at the same time.


Solve engineering challenges

Enhancing your product's competitiveness!

With more than ten years of experience in automotive bus development, we are looking forward to establishing new cooperation opportunities with you. We are also actively expanding application scenarios in other fields such as construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, naval, defense and military industry

Reliable products
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Over ten years of experience in automotive bus development
Looking forward to establishing new cooperation opportunities with you.

We are also actively expanding in other fields such as construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, ships, and defense and military industries.

Real-Time HIL Simulation

Using TSMaster
Building vehicle controller, real-time HIL simulation from scratch

The real-time issues of algorithm design

TOSUN's hardware interface module offers the best performance. We can perform real-time simulation well.
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CCP/XCP Calibration

How to use TSMaster?
For CCP/XCP calibration

Step by step

During the development of vehicles and ECUs, calibration is a vital part of the process. TSMaster can assisit you to optimise the vehicle and ECU performance.
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Diagnostic functions

Users can configure send and reply requests according to your needs.

Our diagnostic capabilities

The diagnostic transport layer type supports CAN/CANFD/LIN. Automotive Ethernet and FlexRay will be supported in the future. Support multiple diagnostic modules online at the same time.
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Automation module

It is extremely flexible, providing high-intensity simulation and complex test logic. Good options for engineers.

Graphical programming language

An important feature of graphical programming languages ​​- universal expressions, which can implement mathematical operations related to various signals in a code-free manner. For specific operation steps, please click the read more button.
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Solve engineering challenges

TOSUN Tech founded in 2017, is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on vehicle development tools with 100% self design EDA tools and Robust & reliable hardware products.

Enhancing your product's competitiveness!
Enjoy your time with using TSMaster, and we'll see you soon!