Self-design and manufacture
Automotive bus tools

Self-design and manufacture
Automotive bus tools


With more than 10 years of developing automotive electronics test product's experience. We can bring you the higher efficiency, flexible, and reliable test strategies with implementing the TOSUN tools.

Diagnostics is an important function of an automotive ECU.When the vehicle is running, sensors throughout the vehicle can track a variety of faults that may occur in the vehicle's electrical or electronic systems at any time.The TOSUN tool chain assists users in the development, verification and flashing based on the UDS protocol of fault diagnosis related functions ..

Engineers verified the planned vehicle communication system through simulation. In addition,engineers can also use the innovative HIL function in TSMaster for simulating the ECU code.

The open architecture of the TOSUN products allows users to easily integrate various external instruments and equipment, as well as a variety of automotive sensor simulator products,to meet the PV/DV test verification of various automotive electronic components and assemblies , and production line detection needs.

Whether it is traditional engine control, a new type of drive-by-wire chassis, or intelligent driving,TOSUN tools makes ECU calibration simple。

In addition to the ability to automatically generate the basic software protocol stack,The TSMaster modeling and automatic code generation functions are fully released, Also, it can automatically generate complete ECU code.


TSMaster is a virtual instrument software platform, which can connect, configure and control all TOSUN’s hardware tools and equipment. TSMaster apply to various functional requirements, automotive bus monitoring, simulation, diagnostic, calibration, BootLoader, I/O control, measurement test, EOL, etc.

TOSUN Hardware

Our hardware tools include CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet. Provide the R&D tools you need, and provide customized services to solve your channel issue and meet your calibration needs.

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