UDS-based ECU flashing application

WithOTAdevelopment and spread of technology thatECUA shift is also taking place from traditional burners to a method of swiping that requires bus-basedUDSto doFlash Bootloader(FBL).

Based on the same star bus tool chainECUThe swipe solution only requires hardware from the same star+TSMasterSome of the free features of the software can be implemented based onUDSECU swipe functionThis can greatly reduce the developmentECUThe difficulty of brushing up on software and improving development efficiency.

This is an almost free ECU flashing solution.

*Ethernet support coming soon       


  • Low cost: available with the free features of TSMaster software
  • Flexibility.Supports multiple underlying buses, including CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and soon Flexray and Ethernet
  • Efficient: UDS diagnostic services can be directly associated with the process after configuration
  • Supports multiple data formats, including Hex, S19, Bin
  • Interactive control via GUI or automatic control via API


  • ECU flashing during development
  • Integration into various automation systems is possible on the production line
  • Aftermarket for ECU program updates or OTA-based

Swipe Example

flash in progress ......

End of flashing

Understanding hardware and software